44th International Scientific and Technical Seminar "Chemistry for Agriculture" is a scientific and business conference organized since 1975, addressed to representatives of the sector of science and business operating in the field of "Chemistry for Agriculture" . The conference is focused on meetings and exchange of knowledge and experiences of scientists and entrepreneurs.

This year's edition of the conference will be held in days:

24-27 November 2019

The Conference is organised under the patronage of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw University of Life Sciences and The New Chemical Synthesis Institute in Pulawy - recognized in action for the benefit of agriculture and the environment. In addition, the conference is attended by participants from Polish Universities, Research Institutes and representatives of the largest companies in the agro industry. Every year at the Seminar, about 250 scientists and entrepreneurs meet to exchange their experiences and ideas and to establish a successful cooperation.

The conference convention is based on plenary sessions and special sessions for young doctors and doctoral students. There will also be a poster session. Therefore, all participants can actively participate in the Seminar.

Main Thematic Areas

The subject of the 44th Scientific and Technological Seminar involves the following areas:

  • Chemistry - basic research
  • Chemical technology: mineral fertilisers, feed phosphates and other additives
  • Agricultural chemistry, transformation of fertilizers in soil and their assimilability by plants
  • Phosphorus and nitrogen problems in environmental protection
  • Ecotoxicology - selected problems
  • New methods and technologies for chemical products used in agriculture
  • The impact of chemical products on crop and animal production
  • Heavy metals in agriculture
  • Circulation of metals in natural and agricultural environment
  • Waste treatment
  • Environmental protection
  • Biotechnology for agriculture
  • Cricural Economy in agriculture

This year, within the framework of the 44th International Scientific and Technical Seminar "Chemistry for Agriculture", we plan to organize meetings of the so-called "Meeting Rooms: Science for Business" in the following thematic blocks:

  1. Fertilizers, bio-fertilizers and biostimulators of plant growth
  2. Plant protection products
  3. Feed and feed additives

Aims of the conference

  1. Presentation of the latest development trends and scientific achievements in the field of CHEMISTRY FOR AGRICULTURE in the area of technology of chemical products for agriculture and their application properties.
  2. Integration of the scientific community (chemical and agricultural sciences) with the economic environment (fertilizer industry, plant protection chemicals, fodder, plant producers and animal breeders) and establishing lasting cooperation between science and business.
  3. Creating perspectives for generating joint ventures aimed at implementing the results of research.
  4. Presenting support instruments for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  5. Incubators of ideas for science-business cooperation - Meeting Rooms: Science for Business.
  6. Establishing international cooperation conducive to the creation of international grant consortia.

Location / Accommodation

The 44th International Scientific and Technical Seminar „Chemistry for Agriculture” will take place in a conference and training center::

Zobacz większe
"Sandra Spa",
Obrońców Pokoju 3, 58-540 Karpacz, Poland
Check web site, map

Karpacz is a city situated in the Sudety Mountains, at 530-885 m above sea level. - at the foot of the highest mountain of Sudety - Śnieżka. Today, Karpacz is one of the best holiday resorts in the Sudety Mountains.

Zobacz większe
Zobacz większe
Zobacz większe

Resort offers for guests:

  • swimming pool - recreational complex with a total area of ​​water surface of 1000 m2,
  • jacuzzi,
  • saunas: steam, dry, infrared,
  • steam bath,
  • salt cave,
  • gyms,
  • tasty cuisine: traditional, regional and diet meals,
  • a modern cafe, accepting payment by card,
  • a conference room with sound system,
  • disco hall, bowling, billiard tables and pub,
  • wellness Center,
  • access to wireless Internet,
  • parking for guests.

Conference Fee

Conference with Wroclaw sightseeing

1630 PLN + VAT (2004,90 PLN)(~460 Euro)

Conference without Wroclaw sightseeing

1400 PLN + VAT (1722,00 PLN)(~395 Euro)

The conference fee includes: 3 nights in a hotel Sandra Spa*** in Karpacz, full board (breakfast, dinner, supper, coffee breaks), passage form Wroclaw to Karpacz and from Karpacz to Wroclaw, accompanying events, swimmingpool pass.

In order to promote the region, we have prepared a special opportunity for interested participants. After the official closing of the conference, leaving the hotel and returning to Wroclaw, we would like to show you the charms of our city. The conference fee with sightseeing also provides lunch in Wroclaw, tour guide and tickets to tourist attractions. If you are interested in visiting Wrocław, please select the appropriate option in the application form.

Payments should be made before 15th November 2019 on account:

Centrum Naukowo Badawcze Chemii, Agrochemii i Ochrony Środowiska
„AGROPHOS” Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wyścigowa 1A
53-011 Wrocław, Poland
Tax Identification Number: 898-001-56-05

Bank Zachodni WBK II O/Wrocław
PL 02 1090 2402 0000 0006 1013 3372
Title of the transfer: Name of the participant (in the case of group fees, individual names and surnames separated by commas).

The conference fee includes accommodation in double rooms. For professors in single room.

Other Information

The seminar will include plenary and poster sessions.

The time to deliver a lecture is about 20 minutes. The participants will have audiovisual equipment-laptop with MS Windows XP and PowerPoint 2003 as well as a multimedia projector. As part of the fee, the organizers provide:

Getting to the place of the Seminary in Karpacz by bus from Wroclaw. Departure from the parking near the Central Railway Station in Wroclaw (map):

ul. M. Petrusewicza

on Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 2:00 pm, return on Wednesday, November 27, 2019, around 1:00 pm .

In special cases, we can organise transfer from Wroclaw Airport (please inform the commettee).

Please take your ID card and swimsuit :)


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